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January 2006

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Monday, January 16th

A brand New Journal for our Society.

Happy New Year and welcome to our new journal and which will now be more regularly updated than our newspage with all kinds of interesting and trival subjects. We have recently been in contact with our parent clan and some very interesting discussions have taken place which will continue into the new year. This may have some interesting developments for our future as we will be discussing our position within Clan Donnachaidh. (We will report fully on these discussions in the future.) Negotiations with our future head of our society have continued encouragingly and are progressing well, we hope an annoucement will be forthcomming in the near future.
It just leaves me to thank all of our small Committee and our webmaster and not forgetting all our valued and esteemed members out there, as without you all, this society would not exist or function as successfully as we have done, in such as short time.

I think that this year will remain as positive and as successful for our Society as 2005 was. We look forward to much closer contact with all our members this year and welcome more applications of the membership to join the committee.

We hope that 2006 will continue for our Society as it as progressed since its inception from strength to strength, but maybe not so fast as the whirlwind of development and change that has occured this last year has been phenominal and as such difficult at times for our small committee to keep up with. So more members and more members applications for council positions.
Yours in kinship and friendship, Duncan Donnachie.

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